Switch Zoo Quest
Play nine fun games and activities to become a Switch Zoo Guide!

Begin the Switch Zoo QuestThis quest takes you on a tour of Switch Zoo and challenges you with animal-related games and activities. When you complete the quest, you will know enough about the zoo to earn the title Switch Zoo Guide.

Each guide will receive a printable Switch Zoo Guide Certificate of Merit, a Switch Zoo Guide badge, and the opportunity to add your first name to the List of Official Switch Zoo Guides.

This quest takes about 30 minutes to complete. If you cannot complete all of the parts in one sitting, you can return to the point where you left off by using the secret word.

Remember to write down the secret word that appears at the top of the screen after you correctly answer the question in each part. When you return to the quest, type the secret word in the box above.

If you have already become an official Switch Zoo Guide and want to return to the page that provides your badge and certificate, click here.

See the names of everyone who completed the Quest in the list of
Official Switch Zoo Guides

Names usually appear within two hours of Quest completion. If you don't see your name, click REFRESH or RELOAD on your browser.