Teachers' Resources
Welcome to the Teachers' Resources page!
We hope you and your students will enjoy exploring our animal-themed games and activities, and find great uses for them in your classroom projects. Below, you can also find lesson plans, on-site research resources, and examples of Switch Zoo-inspired stories, poems, and drawings created by students.

Build an Online HabitatEducational Games and Activities
These animal-themed games make it fun to learn about animals' characteristics and habitats. Games and activities include Switch Zoo, Build an Online Habitat, Where Do I Live?, Scavengers Hunt, and Please DO Feed the Animals.

More Lesson PlansLesson Plans and Field Trips
For language arts, science, and art projects. These lesson plans use Switch Zoo animals to spark interest and creativity. Includes an interdisciplinary lesson plan that combines science with creative or persuasive writing. Field trips engage students in creative writing and music explorations through the site.

Animal ProfilesAnimal Profiles
Your students can conduct research about the real animals that make up their fictional combination animals on-site for easy access to interesting facts. The Switch Zoo app includes animal profiles right in the app.

Endangered Species MapEndangered Species Map
This interactive map of the United States provides information about the endangered species of each state. The color key includes descriptions of the biomes.

Medieval Art Mixed Breed AnimalsVisitors' Pages
Switch Zoo visitors share funny and creative animal names, drawings, stories and poems about the animals, and comments about the zoo. Don't miss the fantastic drawings of combination animals created by 5th grade students.

Switch Zoo and ELA Common Core Standards
Switch Zoo is a make-new-animals activity that stimulates creative thinking about animals’ characteristics and adaptation. The zoo can be useful in preparation for ELA Common Core testing.

We are working on a series of lesson plans for second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth grade, specifically tailored to CCSS. If you have written a Switch Zoo lesson plan that conforms to CCSS, please write to us. We’re interested in taking a look for possible paid publication on our site.